Covid-19 Update

For performances from April 2022 :

We are currently taking bookings as normal for events throughout 2022 for both indoor and outdoor events and with our full range of bands available. We are also taking bookings for Ceilidhs. We continue to be aware of the potential dangers of COVID 19. The steps we are continuing to take are listed below.

Although both indoor and outdoor performances are now permitted, we have an established tradition of successfully performing outdoors in a range of settings which may offer greater reassurance to our clients especially while infections remain high. As you will see from our website we play regularly in England but also in Wales and France and we always follow local COVID restrictions.

As 2 of Diamonds we offer great atmosphere music with our wide range of instrumentals and songs while having small space requirements and the ability to play plugged or unplugged as appropriate, ideal at functions, in bars, restaurants or corporate events.

All of our performers carry out twice weekly lateral flow tests to ensure that we are not infected and all of us are double vaccinated and boosted where appropriate.

All of our larger ensembles: 3 of Clubs, Queen of Hearts and The Jokers along with 2 of Diamonds make sure that we observe Covid safety guidelines being followed within venues at all times.

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