BlackJack Theatre – Murder Mysteries

BlackJack Theatre – Murder Mysteries

Based on almost ten years experience performing in South West France to local ex-pat communities,we are now also able to offer Murder Mysteries. 

Many of you will have attended or taken part in a murder mystery at some point. This is our normal format: a team of professional actors will perform a scene for you which leads to the murder. You will then get the chance question them individually in their roles as you attempt to unravel ‘who dunnit?’ There will be further short scenes to help you further followed by more questioning before the denouement when all is revealed. We have a range of plots and stories in various settings and are constantly writing more.

Murder mysteries are ideal for large parties with a difference, corporate dinners or fundraising events and work really well in restaurants or large venues serving food. Well it’s always good to eat while doing a bit of detecting.

Contact us for details of our storylines. A few are outlined below. Because they rely on a team of actors (normally 6-8) we do need advance notice for Murder Mysteries wherever possible.

California Dying’ – It is 1970. A new band managed by a former star are having their first hit with a cover of the Mommas and Poppas classic, ‘California Dreaming’ when one of them is found dead in a Los Angeles hotel room on the day of an important TV appearance, but who is responsible?

Death in Delmare’ – An exclusive island resort with an elite clientele and a skeleton staff. Someone is found dead in the jacuzzi. Is it murder and, if so, who is responsible and why? You need to find the truth.

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