The Jokers – Ceilidh Band

The Jokers – Ceilidh Band

This band primarily focuses on traditional folk music from Ireland, Scotland and the North of England often known as jigs.  These folk tunes are ideal for getting a party started as they have the ability to engage and capture the attention of your audience of guests and you can’t resist tapping or clapping along to them, no matter what your age or usual musical tastes.  They are made even more appealing through the instruments that are used;   instruments like:  a viola to complement the violin, keyboard and drums along with the guitar to accentuate the compelling rhythm of this kind of music.  We are also able to offer the opportunity for your guests / clients to learn and perform some traditional Ceilidh dancing. Many people will have heard of dances like Strip the Willow, Dashing White Sergeant and the Gay Gordons. There is no better way than a Ceilidh dance to get all of your guests or clients involved and having a completely fun experience.

“Having the Jokers at our birthday party made it so much fun. The band brought the crowd together by playing throughout the venue and had everyone up dancing within minutes. Those who had never done a Ceilidh said they’d never seen so much joy on so many faces before! Also – great workout – thanks guys!”

Sam Lloyd following her and her twin sister’s 30th birthday party

A great big thank you for your delightful music for Burn’s Night. So many people were singing your praises!


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