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We are a non-profit organization, we are looking forward to a peaceful world by helping each other to join hands together to bring a better future for all children.

About Us

Who We Are

Based around the skills of Rob Rayner and Sally Pearson with 25 years experience working in music, drama and dance within the Performing Arts sector, Playing Card Productions offer a genuinely live performance experience: real musicians, singers and actors performing live. No backing tracks, no unnecessary special effects, just real performers doing what they do best and with a great range of varied products. Rob and Sally work with a range of other top professional performers to create all of the products you will find on our website.

How You Can Help

2 Of Diamonds

Giving online has never been more secure, convenient or hassle-free with our one-click donation. We also do accept standard cash and check donations at all of our locations.

3 Of Clubs

You can get involved today by becoming a Volunteer. Sign up and you will be joining a group of change-makers, a network strong enough to impact positive change in the lives of children.

Queen Of Hearts

Your gift will help equip children in need with necessary resources, training and education while offering the promise of a brighter future. You can make a difference today by signing up.


What People Say

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Upcoming Shows

  • 2 of Diamonds at the Little Theatre
    See us live on stage for the first time in 2021 as we perform as part of the Little Theatre, Leicester’s production of “Spread a ‘Little’ Happiness” from 22nd May.
  • A great big thank you…
    “A great big thank you for your delightful music for Burn’s Night. So many people were singing your praises!”

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