‘Live Music’ Pub Quiz

The 2 Of Diamonds ‘Live Music’ Pub Quiz

It’s a live performance and it’s a quiz.

The idea came from the fact that, as an unusual cover band, people would often try to guess the title of the track we were doing or who had originally recorded it, and we thought, why not make it into a proper quiz?

There are 7 different rounds and they are all based on a different medley of instrumentals and songs each lasting about 10 minutes. And it’s not just a music quiz! There are questions on sport, general knowledge, anagrams and lots more too.

Scoring is done after each round with some chat and fun, so the tension can build as it goes along. The whole quiz lasts for about 2 hours of which approximately an hour and a quarter is live music with some great opportunities to sing along to well known covers as well as the quiz questions.

Perfect for pubs but also great for other events: special parties, corporate or team building events.

Great fun for all ages and, to be honest, you could do with all ages if you are going to answer all the questions.

“Thank you both for a great evening! Everyone loved it!”

The Shoulder of Mutton, Great Bowden. January 2022

“2 of Diamonds are a fun, lively and engaging double act. They play a wide range of music, often recognisably popular but always with their own spin.”

Heather Palmer: Business Development Consultant EcoVillage

“Bravo! Brilliant and full of great energy. Love it!”


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